• Burnmaster  Pen

Burnmaster Pen

NEW! BURNMASTER® WOOD BURNING PEN. The exclusive Burnmaster® brand Wood Burning Pen features a unique, exclusive, patent pending design, so advanced its incomparable! The Burnmaster® Pen is the first & only to accept replaceable tips & power from all major brands of "hot wire" wood burning systems. Benefits include: 1. For unlimited creativity, pen accepts replaceable hot wire tips from: Burnmaster®, Detail Master (Ver.I & II), Colwood & Razertip. 2. It connects directly to these brands of power supplies & pen patch cords: Burnmaster®, Colwood, PJL (Optima), Nibs & Razertip (adapter included). *For Detail Master brand power supply connection order optional pen patch cord (sold separately). 3. Adjustable tip extension for deep reach, user comfort & control (Burnmaster & Detail Master tips only). 4. Ergonomic, self-aligning pen design, puts tip in the same position every time! 5. Screw posts ensure positive electrical contact pressure & with use remove performance robbing micro corrosion. 6. Gold & copper contacts ensure superior electrical conductivity & performance. Pen includes screwdriver & Razertip adapter. 5-3/8" (54mm). 1-Year pen warranty. Made in USA.