• Trent Bosch 1/2"Hollowing Tool Straight

Trent Bosch 1/2"Hollowing Tool Straight

The Trent Bosch Total Access Hollowing Tools are simply the best hollowing tools available. Let us tell you why: designed by a woodturner for woodturners, not by a manufacturer who has never used a lathe before. Narrow profile of the tool near the tip provides superior clearance and control. You can also hollow longer before needing to clear the shavings out speeding up the process. In other words, you have Total Access to the wood you're cutting. No swivel tips to get in the way, no set screws to strip out, and tips are easily replaced. All bent tools are not created equally. Our bent hollowing tools are designed so that the cutter is located on center with the shaft of the tool. This eliminates the rotary torque often associated with the hollowing process as long as you keep the tool rest behind the bent part of the tool. Trent uses these tools to teach the hollowing process to hundreds of students each year. Each tool is hand made in our facility in Fort Collins Colorado USA. • Includes the 1/2" Straight Hollowing tool • Instructions for use included with every tool