• Oneway Big Bite Chuck Spur

Oneway Big Bite Chuck Spur

 Woodturners are lucky in that turners get to use spectacularly figured woods that are rejected by other woodworkers. The difficult thing is trying to make the best use of the grain of these pieces. If a burl is mounted to a faceplate you have to make your best guess as to what is inside the burl when you are looking at the outside. The ideal solution to make the best use of a challenging piece of wood is to mount it between centers. Two prong spurs work better than four prong spurs for this because you have an easier time tilting the piece and two prongs drive board grain better than four prong spurs. Oneway is pleased to introduce the Oneway Big Bite Chuck Spur. At 3-3/4 inch diameter it easily drives pieces up to 24 inches in diameter but is safely contained inside the body diameter of even our smallest chuck.The spur has a 1 inch locating plug to center securely into the chuck and it is grabbed crosswise by the jaws for a secure hold. The teeth and point are 60 degrees so it will bite deeply and easily. It takes advantage of the holding power of the chuck making it very economical. This spur is not spring loaded.